Jakten På Nobels Fredspris


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“What I am concerned about is that more transparency is needed around the work of the Nobel Committee.” Geir Lundestad, Dagbladet Magasinet 23 April 2016. Kim Ki-sam, a defector from the South Korean intelligence service, reveals in collaboration with journalist and author Donald Kirk the hitherto unknown campaign led by Kim Dae-jung, former president of South Korea to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Dae-jung was hailed as Asia’s Mandela for his sunshine policy, but it soon became apparent that the Peace Prize was based in part on false premises, surveillance and corruption. The authors show, with the help of unique documentation, how members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and other key people and journalists risk being used as pieces in a major political game in the heads of state’s hunt for the most generous of all prizes, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Writer: Kim Ki-Sam and Donald Kirk.
Publishing: Spartacus
Year: 2016
Pages: 117
Binding: Paperback
Language: Norwegian

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