White Torture. Interviews with Iranian Women Prisoners

Narges Mohammadi

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Fourteen women testify to the shocking human rights abuses in Iranian prisons.


In White Torture, Nobel Peace Prize winner Narges Mohammadi reveals the experiences of fourteen women, including her own, in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s most notorious prisons, harassment and beatings by the guards, total blindfolding and denial of medical treatment. Angry interrogators threaten their families and lie about their whereabouts. One prisoner is even told she is dead.

None of the women have comitted crimes – they are prisoners of conscience or held hostage as bargaining chips. Through torture, the Iranian state hopes to remake their souls. These interviews, carried out while each woman was in prison or facing charges, are astounding documents of resistance and integrity. As Iranians still fight for Woman, Life, Freedom, White Torture indicts the regime for its crimes.

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