Grutensåpa Bar, Lavender (90g)

Sustainable scrub soap. Made from eco-friendly coffee grounds and 100% natural ingredients.

98,00 kr

Effective and nurturing soap for the entire body made from coffee grounds, coffee, coconut oil, olive oil and lavender oil. Lavender is know for its antiinflammatory, bacteria killing and cell rejuvnating purposes, as well as for having a relaxing scent. No preservatives added and still good for up to two years. Cast and molded by hand, aprox. 90g. The coffeegrounds used mainly comes from Godt Brød bakeries in Oslo.

The soap is produced by Gruten – an Oslo based business that locates and reuses the citys coffee waste. Not only do Gruten offer a completely natural product, they also inspire and raise awareness of sustainable production and consumption. As an ideal company, all profits go back into the business or towards other positive societal purposes.

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