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All -Purpose dishes & surfaces
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Soap berries and citrus peels effectively remove fat and unwanted bacteria. Together with tamarind,the product is well suited for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces. The soap is perfect for both the kitchen, the camping trip and washing hobby equipment in nature.

A natural universal soap that will change the way you clean Full of cleansing herbs and natural ingredients Perfect for washing dishes and excellent for kitchen, bathroom cleaning and much more Soap berries and citrus extract effectively remove fat, lime and unwanted bacteria Tamarind provides shiny clean surfaces (also used to clean copper) Leaves glass, ceramics and metals spotless Can also be used on tougher jobs such as cleaning outdoor equipment Foams easily and is thus simple and easy to use Completely free of plastic and harmful chemicals.

Use: Rub a damp brush or sponge over the soap to make foam The soap is concentrated and very effective, so only a small amount is needed Rinse with clean water and, if necessary, dry Leave the soap in a bowl Soap water that comes in the bowl can be used as liquid soap Lifespan: 1-2 months
Production: Ethically created by a women’s empowerment program called Wild Ideas in rural South India. The unit provides financial independence, training and self-achievement to women from demanding backgrounds. The main ingredients used come from either local farmers or Wild Ideas’ own small farm.

Packaging: the bar of soap is wrapped in our recycled cardboard boxes, designed by us to be either reused, recycled or composted (no glue or tape is used). They are made by an ethical waste management center not far from soap production. The soap is wrapped in paper to preserve the scents.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate (from coconut oil), Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Aqua, Sodium hydroxide *, Sapindus mukurossi (Soapberry), Acacia concinna (Mimosa) powder, Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) peel, Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) powder , Albizia julibrissin (Silk tree) powder. * disappears in the saponification process

Indo Naturals delivers zero-plastic everyday products helping people on the journey to a sustainable lifestyle.The products are made utilizing the vast natural resources of rural India. These resources are often left unused, while millions of people living within the nature, are increasingly getting poorer. Producing plant-based products in India is a unique opportunity to reduce plastic waste from everyday lives in Scandinavia and Norway, while contributing to reduced poverty in rural India.

We are a small team of Scandinavians and Indians working across borders to create both a zero-waste brand and a disruption of business as usual. The social purpose of Indo Naturals drives the team forward through the challenges arising when starting a company based on International trade and strong ethical standards. This drive probably comes from our shared love for exploring nature and new cultures, and therefore our strong desire to preserve the oceans, the natural world, and the diversity of the human world society.

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