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A body wash with a pleasant and soothing scent that helps you relax and become aware of your surroundings The scents of sandalwood and frankincense have a deep soothing and relaxing effect Perfect in combination with meditation and yoga Helps to gather thoughts, take deep breaths and focus on the present Probiotics help strengthen the skin’s natural defenses

Use: The bar of soap is concentrated and thus very effective You may want to apply the soap on a loofah or cloth, and then on the body The soap can also be applied directly to wet bodies or hands Remember to rinse the soap away Allow the bar of soap to dry between uses Lifespan: 1-1.5 months

Production: Made ethically in rural South India by a small entity specializing in probiotic products made organically and socially. The unit is part of the unique international village of Auroville. All employees receive equal pay, and 33% of the profit goes to a foundation that supports the development of Auroville through sustainable infrastructure and rural development projects in areas such as education, women’s empowerment, health and job opportunities.

Packaging: the bar of soap is wrapped in our recycled cardboard boxes, designed by us to be either reused, recycled or composted (no glue or tape is used). They are made by an ethical waste management center not far from soap production. The soap is wrapped in paper to preserve the scents.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate (from coconut oil), Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Aqua, Sodium hydroxide *, Lactobacillus ferment (Probiotics), Streptococcus lactis extract (Probiotics), Santalum album (Sandal) wood powder, Santalum album (Sandal) wood oil, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) gum. * disappears in the saponification process

Weight: about 60g
Shelf life: 12M

Indo Naturals delivers zero-plastic everyday products helping people on the journey to a sustainable lifestyle.The products are made utilizing the vast natural resources of rural India. These resources are often left unused, while millions of people living within the nature, are increasingly getting poorer. Producing plant-based products in India is a unique opportunity to reduce plastic waste from everyday lives in Scandinavia and Norway, while contributing to reduced poverty in rural India.

We are a small team of Scandinavians and Indians working across borders to create both a zero-waste brand and a disruption of business as usual. The social purpose of Indo Naturals drives the team forward through the challenges arising when starting a company based on International trade and strong ethical standards. This drive probably comes from our shared love for exploring nature and new cultures, and therefore our strong desire to preserve the oceans, the natural world, and the diversity of the human world society.

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