Magnet Denis Mukwege

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Magnet with print and quote of Denis Mukwege.

Denis Mukwege was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, jointly with Nadia Murad, for his efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

As a boy, Denis Mukwege accompanied his father, a priest, on hospital visits. Wanting to help the patients, he decided to become a doctor. In 1999, Mukwege opened Panzi Hospital, where he works as chief surgeon. Despite an attempt on his life, Mukwege continues to be a powerful advocate for the end of violence against women in DR Congo and the conviction of the perpetrators.

Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DR Congo, treats victims of sexual violence. The original aim was to provide obstetric care to local women, but the focus gradually changed as the hospital admitted more and more victims of sexual abuse. Patients range from babies to grandmothers, many with devastating injuries. In addition to physical care, they receive therapy and legal aid. The hospital admits hundreds of patients every month and Mukwege sometimes has to perform ten operations a day. Mukwege lives at the hospital and his working day can last up to 18 hours. Despite strong international support, the hospital still lacks money, equipment and staff.

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