QueenG Playing cards Lefty deck

The first ever diverse & gender-balanced deck of cards

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Who says the King should be worth more than the Queen?! Spread the message of equality to your friends & family and teach children to love from a young age.

A Set of Playing Cards: 52 Playing Cards + 2 Jokers

Gorgeous,vibrant, hand-drawn illustrations on the equal gender, multi-ethnic face cards & jokers. Face cards include male & females Monarchs, Duke, Duchess, Prince & Princess.

Top casino-quality playing cards, size 63 x 88 mm with round corners and a 4 mm white border, printed on 300 gsm cardboard with CMYK ink, smooth finish + standard playing card varnish

The option to choose standard/traditional decks or left-handed decks. Lefty decks have numbers in all 4 corners, while standards decks have the traditional numbers only in 2 diagonal corners.

“Hi there! I’m Maayan. I’m 16 years old and live in Jerusalem, Israel.
Queeng Playing Cards is a project that my father and I started on a family vacation 4 years ago.
We were relaxing by playing a game of gin rummy when I turned to my dad and asked “Why is the queen card worth less than the king?”
It was an innocent question, but when my dad couldn’t come up with a good enough answer, we decided to do something about it. I created a new card system where the kings and queens are equal, but we still end up with a winner. We swapped two jacks for lovely princesses and designed a female joker, and it was incredibly successful!”

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