Professor Pedro Random Wire Bird

Bird figurines handmade from wire painted in ass. colors

198,00 kr

Made by Professor Pedro, exile-zimbabwe located in Cape Town and “wire-artist”, with an exeptional eye for sculpture design. Professor Pedro makes cool and charming animal figurines from wire, beeds and discarded phone cords. These long legged and slim or massive “random-wire” figurines will both surprise and entertain.

Isandi Konsept AS is a Norwegian firm striving to make room for smaller businesses and artisans in the global trade and commercial markets, working together with more than 30 smaller businesses in southern Africa. Isandis vision: Reduce poverty through sustainable grassroot trade + change predjudice and negative perception of southern Africa into a positive view of possible business resources. Isansi wishes to be a bearing element in global communication between the southern and northern hemisphere. Most Isandi products are mare from scrap, surplus materials or waste, carefully crafted into beautiful art with artistic touches from traditional African distinctiveness.

Bird figurines made from wire painted in assorted colors.
(At the moment we only offer red painted figurines. More to come!)

Size: 12 cm length x 9 cm height x 6 cm width

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