Bright SunBell 80

A unique solar cell lamp and charger.

849,00 kr

Sunbell is an multi-award winning solar cell lamp that provides both light and phone charging, and covers all your lighting needs.

Sunbell offers more than 120 hours of light on the lowest setting. Total of 8 features in one product. Whenever you use it as a hanging ceiling light, table light or a hand-free light, Sunbell will always be adaptable and able to provide light in all situations. Comes with four light settings. Low-Medium-High-Emergency light settings. Intergrated USB port you can use to charge your phone or other electronic devices.

The technology in BRIGHT products is optimized for long-term use (up to 4 years of daily use), easy repair and to be recycled at the end of life.
Solar energy is free and a sustainable way of illuminating life. With Sunbell you will make a difference by replace the use of fossile energy sources and/or disposable batteries.

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