Mondaine Essence 41 white dial black strap

The Official Swiss Railways Watch

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With its new model series “essence”, Mondaine goes completely new ways than in the traditional watch industry. The goal they have worked towards in the development of the watch has been to use the most environmentally friendly materials possible. The result has been 4 models that stand out both in appearance and material choice.

The main elements in the watch case itself are oil from the seeds of the ricunus plant, so-called castor seeds (41%). The second element is glass (30%). The result is a very robust watch case that will keep the watch virtually scratch-free for many years.

The strap is made of 38% natural rubber, which makes the strap soft and very comfortable to wear. The strap also does not attract moisture like a leather strap. If necessary, you can only wipe the strap with a damp cloth.

The watch is delivered in a soft and thick case that is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. The case fits as a spectacle case or it can be used to protect the mobile phone.

Diameter 41mm
Mineral glass

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