Mandela Bangle Silver Large


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A beautiful silver bracelet. All silver bracelets are of very heavy quality, certified by Waarborg Holland. They are available in sizes small and large. Each bracelet has a unique serial number that you can register via the internet, whereupon you will receive a certificate, and you can see exactly what your donation has been used for.

Mandela Bangles is Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom bracelet and is handmade in South Africa by people who are literally picked off the street. People affected by HIV / AIDS, poverty or inequality. By offering these people a real job, you are giving them back their dignity. They receive a short training, and once they work well, another job is sought for them, so that others can be taken off the street for training. A very effective method. The proceeds from these bracelets are used to buy old sea containers. Underprivileged people install windows and doors with insulation, electricity and lighting and turn them into decent libraries because of the importance of teaching children to read and to develop further for their future.

Nelson Mandela’s number in prison was 466, he was caught in 1964. Buying a Mandela Bangle does not let Mandela’s dream come true. Make a statement using this bracelet with pride!

These bracelets are easy to keep clean with a little silver polish. Because the bracelets are of very heavy quality, a copper ring has been treated on the inside of the bracelet for firmness.

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