Keychain/Mobile support Gamari

The Salvation Army's concept of ethical trade

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Convenient keychain with mobile holder

The key ring consists of 3 parts: mobile holder, thread and key ring, and the key ring measures approximately 13 cm in length in total. The mobile holder is 6.5×2.3 cm.

This product has been made so that you can easily find your keys and is also practical when you are on the barrel and going to read a document or stream a movie. It is also designed to utilize all parts of the felling of a tree, small and large. The smaller parts come from cuttings from other Others’ production, and are useful by making smaller articles.

The key ring is made at Others’ carpentry workshop in Jashore, Bangladesh. It is made by people who have received help for work and an income through the Salvation Army’s social work to fight poverty and modern slavery. Through good working conditions and a fair salary, new opportunities are created for an entire family. The salary is often used to, among other things, improve living conditions, necessary medicines or school uniforms for the children.

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