Cotton Table Cloth Ethiopia

From wood to weaving

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Guele, in the northern areas of the Addis Ababa region, is known for its beutiful, hand-woven textiles. It is the men that have the honour of producing this traditional, cherished craft. The women have had to settle for hard manual labour. Many earn their living by gatherihg firewood. They travel far – often more than five hours a day- to fetch firewood and bring it back to the village. The wood lodds they carry weight 80-90kilo! This hard work wreaks havoc on the body and provides little income.

To give the women in Guele the opportunity for economic independence, the WHAE has established a weaving mill. At the weaving mill, women earn a living gatherihg firewood recieve training in traditional weaving teqniques from renowned and highly qualified teachers. The women own and operate the weaving mill themselves. Everything is handmade-they sin, nye and weave. The work is significantly less physically strenuous than gathering firewood and they earn enough to provide housing, food and schooling for their children.

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