Bernards Giraffe Recycled

Giraffe figurine hand made from recycled aluminium cans

248,00 kr

Figurine sculptured from wire and drinking cans. Simple figurine with a big personality. These fun and charming animals will be the perfect statement in any room.

Isandi Konsept AS is a Norwegian firm striving to make room for smaller businesses and artisans in the globale trade and commercial markets, working together with more than 30 smaller businesses in southern Africa. Isandis vision: Reduce poverty through sustainable grassroot trade + change predjudice and negative perception of southern Africa into a positive view of possible business resources. Isandi wishes to be a bearing element in global communication between the southern and northern hemisphere. Most Isandi products are made from scrap, surplus materials or waste, carefully crafted into beautiful art with artistic touches from traditional African distinctiveness.

NB! This product is handmade of materials of varying colors and details. The product your order is unique and will differ slightly from the product photo. Please contact us by e-mail or the contact form if you have any questions.

Aprox. size: 16 cm lenght x 40 cm height x 9 cm wide

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