Coaster Peace

Coaster with Peace design. Made of birch wood and handcraftet in Sweden.

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During the cold war in the 1900s, nuclear weapons where being placed in many countries in Europe. This aroused widespread popular protest. In the UK, a committee for direct actions against nuclear war (DAC) was reformed. The DAC were inspired by Gandhi and his non-violent approach to civil disobedience. One of the first things the the organization did was organize a march.

Artist Gerald Holtom was assigned the ytask of creating the visuals for the march, for the banners and signs. Holtom wanted to create a recognizable sign showing everyone that had a joint responsability to remove the threat of nuclear weapons.

The peace sign consists of two semaphore signs. Flag semaphore is a visual signalling system in witch the flags are held in different positions representing the letter of alphabet. This system has been usen in the maritim world since the 1800s. Artist Gerals Holtom used the semaphore signs representing N for Nuclear and D for Disarment, and combined then inside a circle. The citcle represents the earth.

The symbol quickly began to represent the Campaigne for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and in the 1960 it became truly famous all over the world when an american student named Philip Altbach persuaded the student peace Union to use it all ovcer the world. It became a very popular symbol, and by the end of the 1960s, it had became an universalt symbol of peace, frequently used by protesters.


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