Ocean Bottle (0,5L)

Award-winning bottle for the future.

578,00 kr

Ocean Bottle gives you the opportunity to fight ocean plastic and cut your own single plastic consumption.

– Stainless steel, BPA-free and sustainable materials.
– Anti-leak seal and easy carry loop.
– Dishwasher safe up to 60 degrees.
– Double opening for easy cleaning and drinking cup.
– Vacuum thermos insulation. Keeps drinks cold up to 18 hours and hot drinks up to 9 hours.

It is fully recyclable with wishes in the future to offer a repair service. Each Ocean Bottle has a smart chip activated which, in collaboration with different partners, will give you the opportunity to contribute to more plastic collection when you shop or refill the bottle at these. 80% of the plastic that ends up in the sea comes from areas in the world where there is a lack of infrastructure for recycling plastic. When it rains, huge amounts of plastic flow into the sea. How can we prevent this? By giving plastic a value.

Ocean Bottle collaborates with The Plastic Bank, which gives locals a good salary for collecting plastic. They get the opportunity to make money, or exchange plastic for other products, health insurance, school fees and to open their first bank account. Every Ocean Bottle that is sold provides funds to pay for the collection of plastic equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles or 11 kg of plastic.

Designed by Norwegian K8. Weight: 0.32 kg

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