Alfred Nobel Large Matches

Alfred Nobels Extradynamite Matches, shaped like dynamite.

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Nitroglycerine Aktiebolaget is Alfred Nobels Extra-Dynamite. Contains 60 matches. The matches measures approximently 7.4 inches and weighs 50grams. This is a 100% Eco product, manifactured in Europe.

Alfred Nobel lived during the 19th century’s revolutionary development in science, culture ans society. He experienced the reshaping of the world by technology, war, economic shifts and political transformations. Nobel played a role in these changes.
Nobel’s inventions and the ways in which they were used were crutial to the industrialization. His new explosives allowed the mining industry to increase production and to supply raw materials to expanding industries. They played a key role in the expansion of modern communications, as countries around the world began building railroads, roads, tunnels and bridges. They also found important military uses and Nobel made significant improvements to weapons and ammunition technologies.

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