Ameera Tree topper

Angels made from locally sourced ostrich feathers and merino wool

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There is an angel factory in the Karoo…

Rietbron Craft and Vondeling Optel Craft are located in remote villages in the Baviaans area of the Karoo in Eastern Cape, South Africa. The surrounding semi-desert landscape is arid, stark and striking – endless dry plains, mountains and scrubland. But at the end of a lonely road you will find angels. Unique African angels, perfect gift to yourself, or a loved one.

Karoo Angels describe a range of beautifully handcrafted angels, made by the members of Rietbron Craft and Vondeling Optel Craft known as the Angel Factory in the Karoo.

The angels have been in production since 2006, starting originally with only one angel. Since then the Angel Family have grown considerably, and now the extend family comprises of more than 50 different angels, each with their own personality, characteristics and features.

The angels are made from locally sourced ostrich feathers and merino wool, combined with fine knitted and crocheted wire, beads and other ornaments. Every angel has a name, given to them by the angel-makers.

Ameera Treetopper – the angel so many of us have been waiting for! She has the same features as the original Ameera – with 3D crocheted silver wings, adorned with pearly white beads, felt head, crown and chocker. What makes her a treetopper is the additional wire coil – and we hope this stunningly beautiful angel will adorn a lot of Christmas trees around the world. The wire coil make her also able to stand – so she can also be a breathtaking center piece of any table. Ameera means both ‘princess’ , and ‘tree top’ – so what other name could she have? She is approx 26 cm tall, and she comes in a fabric drawstring bag for safe storage.

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